Individual Counseling


The decision to seek counseling is is a big step. For many, this means entrusting someone with your story that includes topics that may feel scary to disclose. It is important to me to give my clients a safe, non-judgemental, space to explore and release that which you have been carrying. Each client is different and I tailor my approach to meet your needs. I believe in working collaboratively--giving you the space to share your story and find your own strengths within it--while adding agreed upon techniques when appropriate.

I base my approach on interpersonal neurobiology, focusing on how unpleasant memories can get stored in the brain and effect the body without our knowledge. These effects can range from a racing heart to freezing or fainting. Some of us see the effects play out in depression, anxiety, stress, or relationship trouble. It is important to know it is not your fault and it can get better. Many folks begin to feel better after bringing their issues to the surface.

I take an integrative approach to therapy. I’m trained in modalities that address how feelings, emotions, and trauma show up physically as well as mentally. I assist you by using techniques to process unpleasant memories through the brain and body. I implement narrative therapy, mindfulness, Somatic Experiencing, Internal Family Systems, and EMDR (when appropriate).

I am an open-minded therapist who is sensitive to issues of culture, gender, and sexuality. Though these identifying factors might not correlate to your presenting problem, please know that I will take them in to account. Cultural sensitivity, gender openness, and being LGBTQIA+ friendly are of great importance to me.  

Child & Adolescent Counseling

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You may feel frustrated searching for the right therapist for your child. Therapists who work with children--especially young children--are hard to come by. I aim to help those families struggling to find the right therapist for their child. I have a passion for working with children and have honed my expertise in play therapy, EMDR, behavioral, and narrative techniques that work best for children and teens.

As adults, we sometimes forget the difficulty of growing up. From being a young child, struggling with self-expression and regulating emotions to the teen years, where the expectation is to act like an adult with restrictions as our brains struggle to control impulses and seek instant gratification.

As a parent myself, I know what it is like to see your child having a hard time. It is a tough decision to seek outside support. Perhaps you are comfortable seeking a therapist for your child as you are trying to do what is best, or perhaps seeking a therapist feels like you are failing in some way. To those feeling the latter, seeking a therapist does not equal failure. It is quite the opposite. I want to work with you to help strengthen your relationship with, and understanding of your child.

I have been working with kids ages 3-17, implementing creative therapeutic interventions. No child is the same, and therefore, no therapy session is the same. As with adults, the basis of my work with children utilizes interpersonal neurobiology. I focus on what might be going on internally for the child and recognize where they are developmentally. When a child's nervous system is overwhelmed, they may be using outward actions to communicate what is going on within. In very young children, this may mean melting down or shutting down. In adolescents, this may appear as "rebellion" or turning away from family. 

In working with child, adolescent, and teen clients, I take care to validate their feelings and explore what is going on in their inner world. Though my own adolescence is at a distant, I am able to tap in to the experience I had as an adolescent to better connect with my clients. Talk therapy tends to lead my work with teen clients but I also implement narrative writing exercises, mindfulness, art, and play when it is fitting.


I encourage parents to be involved in the therapy process. When kids have a secure base at home, change happens more rapidly. Sometimes, we don’t recognize how we perpetuate our own trauma cycle within our kids. Trauma typically takes 3 generations to heal. I enjoy working with the whole family to heal intergenerational trauma. This allows for you and your child to heal together. Teens may prefer parents stay out of the therapy process.

Play Therapy

"Thank you for letting me grow together with you, that I can learn again of what I have forgotten about simplicity, intensity, totality, wonder and love and learn to respect my own life in its uniqueness. Thank you for allowing me to learn from your tears about the pain of growing up and the sufferings of the world." - Gary Landreth, The Art of the Relationship

If you're coming to this website knowing little about play therapy, you might be wondering how play could help your child. We often place play down low on our to do lists. We may tell our children "go play" to quiet them as we try to get work done or make dinner. Perhaps you have structured play with your child in the form of family game night. How is playing a therapy intervention?

I have seen child clients open up through play during therapy. They are able to play out the thoughts they keep inside. I have seen children express emotions through play that otherwise lay hidden. They work through trauma and gain control. The 50-minutes of control they hold in the playroom carries through to the outside world so children are better able to feel in control of their emotions, and in turn, their lives.

I practice both directive and non-directive play therapy depending on the client. At the beginning of our therapeutic relationship, I will collaborate with parent and child to assess what is best for the particular child.

I also offer EMDR for children and have been trained as an EMDR child specialist. For more information click here.

Counseling For Mothers


No one tells you that motherhood drudges up all the terrible experiences from your past. Family trauma? Yep. The feeling the world isn’t safe? Big time. Losing your old self and your body completely changing? You bet. Your relationship with your partner may change as well. Oh, and if your birth experience didn’t go according to plan, it’s quite possible you developed PTSD. By focusing on the joyous aspects of motherhood, we leave mothers ill prepared for the challenges we may face during motherhood. This sets us up for postpartum depression, anxiety, and the struggle to reconcile the past while looking towards the future as a mother.

I believe all new moms should attend therapy. There is no better space to grieve the loss of your old self while embracing the new life ahead. While those around you want to hold the baby, you too deserve to feel held.

In my own adjustment to motherhood, I experienced postpartum depression. Even as a mental health professional, I played off my own postpartum depression for a case of the baby blues. Recovering from birth takes a huge physical toll, but the mental toll can be just as painful and longer lasting. My own doctor asked only one question regarding my mental health post-baby and how was I to know what was "normal" or not just a week after the birth?

Whether you, or those around you, believe you may be experiencing a perinatal mood disorder or you are seeking a therapist to help you through the adjustment to motherhood--I can help.

I specialize in working with new mothers who have unresolved trauma from a traumatic birth or prior upsetting life events.

Infertility & Pregnancy Loss

The journey to motherhood can be a struggle. Infertility and pregnancy loss present us with a special kind of grief that others may not recognize unless they have experienced it themselves. Whether you're struggling to acknowledge and heal from infertility struggles or you have experienced pregnancy loss at any stage of pregnancy, I want to help you confront, acknowledge, and thrive through your grief. In our society, pregnancy loss is often not spoken of, or brushed off. I want to acknowledge the pain and suffering you have experienced through infertility or pregnancy loss. The pain and grief is very real and can be as powerful as any grief that is normalized within our culture.

They say a child is your own heart beating outside your body, but this begins even with the hope of a child. No one should go through infertility or pregnancy loss alone and no one should feel the need to stay silent through their grief. I am here to hold your story.

I completed the intensive Maternal Mental Health training on Perinatal Mood Disorders, infertility, and pregnancy loss through the Seleni Institute. 

I'm excited to offer Tele-mental health services and home visits to new moms on an as needed basis. 

For more information on our trauma group for new mothers, Carry on Warriors, click here.

Couple & Family Counseling

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Couples counseling

Relationship trouble is extremely distressing and can effect other areas of your life. If you're looking towards couples therapy you may be lacking connection in your relationship, looking to strengthen your communication, or struggling to get through a life transition such as parenthood. When these issues arise, there may be something deeper going on. As a couples counselor, I want to help you explore these issues and rebuild your connection with your partner. I provide an environment of safety and neutrality as we explore relational issues.

As with individuals, I take a collaborative and trauma-informed approach to couples counseling. I am not here to tell you that you or your partner is “right,” I am here to make you feel heard and help you to hear each other. Often, there can be damage within a relationship when we no longer see our partner as our attachment figure, but much growth can occur in couples counseling when you learn to rebuild, lean on your partner as an attachment figure, and feel held by your partner once again.

I specialize in working with couples where one, or both partners, have unresolved trauma. Trauma healing through couples therapy is extremely powerful. It allows partners to heal as individuals as well as within the couple.

With couples counseling, I take an Emotionally Focused approach and utilize Internal Family Systems.

I understand that not all couples look the same. Whether you identify as LGBTQIA, polyamorous, non-monogamous, or your relationship looks different from the "norm," I am happy to help you navigate through your relationship difficulties. I keep an open mind and heart and pride myself on being a sex-positive therapist.

family counseling

Problems within the family system can effect each family member individually. Often, when one member of the family is experiencing distress, it is a symptom of the family's experience as a whole. Family therapy can be especially beneficial when a child is exhibiting distress—even an adult child.

Distress often appears during life transitions. You may notice tension within the family after a major loss, birth, adoption, divorce, or marriage. You may feel it is simply time to strengthen your family bond or enhance communication. 

During family therapy sessions, I insure each family member is being heard and understood. Though therapy can be intense, I find humor and play to be of great importance in family sessions. I take a narrative approach--helping the family as a whole to understand and redefine their story, but I bring in creative approaches along the way.

If you are seeking therapy for your child, inquire about adding family sessions along with the child’s sessions. It can be helpful when the family is involved in treatment for an individual.