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"We tell ourselves stories in order to live." -Joan Didion

Ilyse Kennedy, MA, LPC, LMFT-Associate

Ilyse Kennedy, MA, LPC, LMFT-Associate

If you made it this far, you’ve survived, congratulations!

That isn’t often recognized as a feat or skill in our culture, but let me assure you, it is.

The way you’ve been existing has gotten you this far. Perhaps that way of doing things has been working well, but sometimes we let go of our ability to thrive and the simple act of living can be exhausting.

Our brains and bodies are primed for survival, but they also cycle through learned patterns passed down from family or adapted from upsetting events.

I can help you break the cycle of trauma in order to thrive.

I see adult individuals, couples, families, children, and adolescents.

I am LGBTQIA+ knowledgeable and affirming. I am culturally competent, accepting, and affirming.